Dr Carla Edworthy

Dr Carla Edworthy
Dr Carla Edworthy

Research Interests:

Monitoring coastal climate change scenarios and the eco-physiological and behavioural responses of coastal species.

Position: PDP Postdoctoral Research Fellow: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

Dr Carla Edworthy joined NRF-SAIAB as an MSc student in 2015 and continued to do a PhD at the Institute. She is now a postdoctoral research fellow carrying out research that focuses on coastal marine ecosystems and the changes they face in light of global change and other human impacts.

Dr Edworthy has a particular interest in ocean acidification as local knowledge on this is limited in Africa. This interest is driven by the need to improve our understanding of local conditions in order to conduct relevant experiments on key species. Her research aims to improve local monitoring of pH conditions together with other climate change parameters, such as temperature and dissolved oxygen. This information is used to experimentally assess the impacts of these stressors, as well as other human impacts, on coastal species with a focus on their eco-physiological and behavioural response under future scenarios. In her current postdoctoral position, her research is focused on coastal seascape habitats that act as nursery areas and refuges for several marine species and young fishes.

Dr Edworthy has a passion for conducting research that is meaningful and communicating her science effectively to promote awareness and action to mitigate the impacts of global changes on marine environments.



Institution and location


BSc. Zoology, Botany

Nelson Mandela University


BSc. (Hons) Zoology

Nelson Mandela University


MSc. Ichthyology

Rhodes University


PhD. Ichthyology

Rhodes University


SACNASP Prof Nat Sci No. 148733


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