Dr Fatah Zarei

Dr Fatah Zarei
Dr Fatah Zarei

Research Interests:

Systematics, phylogeography, historical biogeography and conservation of fishes.

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity

The main research interests of Dr. Zarei are speciation and the systematics of fishes. He is interested in integrative taxonomy, i.e. a taxonomy that integrates all available data sources to frame species limits. His MSRT funded PhD project on systematics and biogeography of the Caspian Sea gobies was conducted at the Shiraz University in Iran. He has also collaborated in several other major projects such as systematics and taxonomy of Afro-Eurasian tooth-carps, sisorid catfishes of west Asia, and combtooth blennies of the northwestern Indian Ocean. His publication record includes articles published in Zootaxa, Hydrobiologia, Ecology and Evolution, Aquatic Conservation, Aquatic Sciences, Freshwater Biology, and Plos One.

Dr. Zarei is currently a Postdoctoral fellow at SAIAB, focusing on the systematics and taxonomy of freshwater and marine fishes of Southern Africa. He is also a Co-PI in a INSF–RSF funded project on evolution and biogeography of the Caspian Sea fishes which involves DNA barcoding, environmental DNA, and whole genome analysis.



Institution and location


BSc. Biology

Bu-Ali Sina University, Iran


MSc. Zoological Systematics

Shahid Beheshti University (SBU), Iran


PhD. Zoological Systematics

Shiraz University, Iran



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