Ofer Gon

Ofer Gon
Ofer Gon

Research Interests:

Marine fish systematics, Biology and ecology of marine fishes, and History of ichthyology in South Africa

Position: Curator Emeritus and Research Associate: South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity 

Ofer Gon joined SAIAB (then the JLB Smith Institute of Ichthyology) in 1982 as a research assistant to help with the work on Smiths’ Sea Fishes (Smith & Heemstra, 1986). This was followed by seven years of work on Antarctic and subantarctic fishes, culminating in the publication of Fishes of the Southern Ocean (Gon & Heemstra, 1990). He became a permanent staff member in 1993 and continued working on a variety of projects, mainly in marine fish systematics, but also with short-term digressions to estuarine and freshwater fishes.

Ofer retired in 2014 and started work on a revision of Fishes of the Southern Ocean, an ongoing project. Many of the original contributors to the first book are revising their original chapters for the new book.



Institution and location


BSc. Biology

Hebrew University, Jerusalem


MSc.(cum laude) Oceanography and Marine Biology

Hebrew University, Jerusalem


MA History

Rhodes University, Makhanda