Funding support for MSc/PhD laboratory costs

Funding support for MSc/PhD laboratory costs

The South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) and DIPLOMICS have established a node for genomics research and training at SAIAB. The central aim of this research and training initiative is to increase access for South African students to genomics research by providing access to the required specialized equipment/laboratory facilities and to facilitate upskilling and expertise of researchers in the field of genomics. 

While access to the facilities and equipment at SAIAB is available to researchers from in South Africa, the costs for reagents required to conduct genomics research is often a serious constraint when designing MSc/PhD research projects. In order to address this shortfall, SAIAB-DIPLOMICS is pleased to offer funding support for the genomics laboratory costs for 5 MSc and/or PhD projects. Successful applicants will be hosted at SAIAB and allocation of reagents and consumables to the value of the funding support will be supplied by SAIAB.

This funding opportunity is open to MSc, and PhD students at the University of Fort Hare, Walter Sisulu University and University of Zululand.

Some examples of the types of methodologies that are eligible for this funding include barcoding (Sanger/Capillary sequencing), eDNA research, Metabarcoding and/or Metagenomics (Next generation Sequencing), as well as Whole Genome Sequencing.

If you are unsure if your project qualifies, please feel free email Dr Matcher to discuss your project further or in more detail.

Value of funding: Supply of reagents/consumables for genomics research up to a value of R100 000

Closing date for applications: 17th May 2024

Please email applications to : Dr Matcher (

Note: this funding is for genomics laboratory research only and will not cover bursaries, travel, accommodation, subsistence, or field sampling.

See the application form below

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